The Santa Sack Swap will run for 6 months from June until December each year. If you want to join in please stop by here again OR visit Gone' Stitchin' at on JUNE 1st each year to sign up. It's a lot of FuN.. so why not sign up, make a new friend and have a sack full of goodies to open in December. How much FuN would ThAt be!

Rules & Guidelines

Please read carefully and then sign up if 
you are sure you can fulfil this commitment. **

Santa Sack Swap
* This is NOT a secret swap... so please introduce yourself ... it's always nice to meet someone new and get to know her a little... but keep her gifts a secret.
* The swap is a six (6) month commitment so if you feel that you cannot commit for this long a period PLEASE do not join in. I wouldn't want a swap sister to have a broken heart at Christmas time.
* The idea of this swap is to create an individual sack or stocking or tote/bag and then fill it with FIVE (5) surprise gifts ... the majority of the five gifts are to be handmade.
* The package containing all 6 gifts ( 5 gifts plus the sack/stocking/tote MUST be posted by NOVEMBER 25th.  
I suggest you keep the tracking number for this package.
*To receive an "angel" sack (should parcels go astray or you are let down by your partner) I will need to have the tracking number of the parcel YOU sent.
* If, for ANY reason you cannot fulfil your commitment, please contact me ASAP...

So by Joining in this Swap YOU are committing to:
1. Supply one individual sack or stocking or tote/bag to your partner.
2. PLUS 5 gifts with the majority of gifts being handmade items.
3. Mail all 5 gifts WITH the sack or stocking or tote/bag ..i.e. six (6) items by November 25thABSOLUTELY NO LATER!!!
4. Gifts cannot be opened until the "opening" date in December (TBA later) or December 25th.
5. Keep the tracking number of YOUR package on hand.
6. Place the SSS button and/or link on your blog so you see news and updates.
7. Maintain contact with your partner throughout the six months.

All gifts should be wrapped individually...and please once received, only a little touching is allowed... perhaps some stroking... but definitely NO squeezing, shaking or smelling... huge grin here... and then placed into the sack/stocking/tote and NOT opened until the December date.

To save any disappointments... any NEW-TO-ME swappers who want to join in must have an active blog OR if a "non blogger"... be recommended by someone I know.
Partners will be located in the SAME country. 
Unfortunately some swappers may miss out due to this fact... however if you advise me that you are happy to send overseas... or would rather send o/s...  I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Any gift you SEND should be something you would be happy to RECEIVE... and this is most important... please EnJoY the gift giving.

If you can resist opening gifts
for perhaps 3 weeks in December... 
 please join in!
I would LoVe to have you!
Hugz... SwaP Mama