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Friday, November 7, 2014

TiMe is TicKinG AwAy

where has the time gone???

The first week of November has already passed...
so hopefully by now all your gifts should be made OR almost finished at the very least.
Some gOOd news...
Two swappers have already mailed off their packages & they have been received.
SO now those ladies will have to restrain themselves from squeezing or shaking the gifts... Well perhaps a little... lol

Some bAd news...
One pair had to drop out due to illness. We wish Marta all the best.

On a HaPPieR NoTe...
 Remember the mailing date of your 5 gifts PLUS the sack/stocking/tote is NOVEMBER 25th... please don't be late !!!
If anyone is having any difficulties PLEASE let me know NOW.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. I was already to start wrapping yesterday but couldn't find the sticky tape! Got some now, so when I finish the horrible housework, I'll be onto it!

  2. Nearly there. Am going to meet my partner and exchange gifts as we don't live too far away from each other.

  3. Nearly there. Just finishing a few little bits off.

  4. Have two things to finish and then they'll be in the post.

  5. Have sent mine off to my partner and have already received mine. Just waiting on confirmation of reciept.

  6. Carol and I caught up a couple of weeks ago so we were able to personally hand over our gifts to each other which was lovely

  7. Gosh I thought the deadline was 15th so I am doing ok. Just adding another gift as I suddenly had a thought to make something else!

  8. Hi Chez, I posted my Christmas box to my partner, yesterday. Hugs O;faigh


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