The Santa Sack Swap will run for 6 months from June until December each year. If you want to join in please stop by here again OR visit Gone' Stitchin' at on JUNE 1st each year to sign up. It's a lot of FuN.. so why not sign up, make a new friend and have a sack full of goodies to open in December. How much FuN would ThAt be!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If You ArE

mad about missing out on this Santa Sack Swap this year... good news... I have a need for ONE more lovely lady who wants to swap with another lovely lady in Australia.
It really is a lot of FuN and very enjoyable and you will make a wonderful friend in this very talented lady.
Please just leave a comment here on this post....
Come on you know you want to......


  1. Hi Chez i am happy to partner this lady.xx

  2. Hello Cheryl,
    I have a blogless friend who would love to join in - NSW Central Coast, like me.
    Cheers, Dasha

  3. My name is Martha Mumaw and I am on the list. However I have not received an email and it is not in my spam either.May I know my exchange partner?

    1. I have sent 3 emails Martha... don't know what is happening! Will try again...

  4. If it is not too late, I'd love to join in this swap. Thanks


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