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Friday, July 5, 2013

HaVe You...

Met your partner yet? 
Well perhaps NOT actually met face to face but talked online or via email at least. It's FuN meeting a new craft enthusiast, getting to know her and then to think of her as a "friend".

We all have our thinking caps on I'm sure... well I know I have... lol... so when you make something that you want to share... ssshhh secretly... just email me a pic and I'll add it to this blog for all to admire!

I found these gift ideas... so thought I would share.

A FREE pattern from HERE

This is a freebie too... so just CLICK here...


  1. Yes, we've been in touch and I have one gift finished.

  2. yes Wendy has been teasing me,lol,its great fun getting to know Wendy better.xx

  3. Yes I have emailed Claire often. Thanks fir sharing those freebie patterns.

  4. Yes, I am in contact with Sue and I am so looking forward to this exchange, Thanks for these free patterns. I have a lot of ideas for her . We'll see what I will finish.
    Have all a nice day

  5. Yes. met my lovely partner and have got off to an excellent start with all the items organised ready to make. Will definately send some photos through when there are some finishes.

  6. Anna and I met in person for a cuppa on Thursday. It was lovely to meet her in person.

  7. Marc and I have been in touch ... I have a rather long list of things that I could either make or buy to send ... now all I have to do is narrow down the things on the list that I will actually send ... it is a lot of fun and my pics will eventually get to you ... hugs for now ...

  8. Kaye & I have been in touch; I've made a start and will share photo's soon. Too many ideas's not sure which to make LOL


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