The Santa Sack Swap will run for 6 months from June until December each year. If you want to join in please stop by here again OR visit Gone' Stitchin' at on JUNE 1st each year to sign up. It's a lot of FuN.. so why not sign up, make a new friend and have a sack full of goodies to open in December. How much FuN would ThAt be!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tomorrow is...

Our Opening DaY... if you want it to be that is!
Of course tomorrow here in Australia is only the day before in other parts of the world... so their opening day is the day after... WOW that's very confusing... BUT FUN... no matter when we get to open our gifts!

Just sit back and think about this...
All the hours of planning... then the stitching, sewing, quilting, knitting etc... time spent beautifully wrapping... writing personal cards... packing up... mailing off...
puff... gone in 60 seconds... 
once the "opening fever" takes hold... lol... but soooo worth it!

Merry Christmas ALL... 
and EnJoY tomorrow.


  1. Have fun opening your pressies everyone. Anna and I (and Mel) are meeting for morning tea tomorrow to exchange our gifts!

    1. Oh you three too! Kisses to all from me! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Can't wait, they have been calling to me from under the tree for days. How exciting!

  3. I am jealous Christine M. My swap buddy is in Queensland, so we can't meet to open our pressies together! Enjoy your day.

  4. Only one more sleep, I'm going to try and resist opening mine till I return from work and can sit and slowly unwrap each one with a glass of bubbly beside me. Thanks for all your hard work in organising this swap you've made it so much fun to join in :) Barb.

  5. My DD2 wrapped the box mine came in and told me the "real" Santa doesn't come until 25th so you'll have to wait until then LOL. I will enjoy seeing what others have received though (wish it was me though; I haven't even been able to accidentally "squish, prod or poke".

  6. WhooHoo I can not wait. Looking forward to seeing everyone's talent's. I can not thank you enough Cheryll for all your hard work in putting the Santa Sack Swap together.
    Merry Christmas

  7. Thanks for ALL your work and efforts in organising this swap Cheryll!! Once again, you've made sure this is a wonderful swap - it's been fun figuring out what lovelies can be sent to my partner, what she'd love - lol, what I'd like too ;) Merry Christmas to all!! x


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