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Friday, November 28, 2014

SwaPPerS aRe TicKeD oFF...

I'm referring to the names on the sidebar... lol
Are YOU TicKeD off ???
It means~ you have RECEIVED your package from "santa's elf".

Still lots of time for the mailman to deliver so please don't panic...
just be sure to let me know when you do receive... PLeaSe...

And ReMeMBeR... only a little squishing or shaking of gifts permitted.

OPENING DAY will be advised ON THIS BLOG... once ALL packages have been received.


  1. Hi, I have received mine today. I need to email
    Partner in a moment.
    Many thanks
    Andrea M

  2. Hi Chez according to my tracking number Larissa has picked up her parcel yesterday,thanks Santa Chez xx

  3. Hello - I received mine yesterday. This is all too exciting!!!

  4. Mine has arrived...thanks....xx

  5. Dasha has let me know she's received her parcel from me as well Cheryll :) Barb.

  6. I've just received my package from Sharon.

  7. Jennifer let me know my package to her was recieved--I see she is not ticked off yet, but I know she has it :)


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