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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


on news from a few more ELvEs that their parcel has arrived.
Anna B & Christine L... Melody & Vicki... are partners.
Chiska,  Melanie, Michell & Rita are waiting by the mailbox....
Their sleigh should be just around the corner... I'm sure.

So let me put everyone in the festive spirit... by announcing OPeNinG DaY.

Friday 18th...  
just one week out from Christmas. 
Ho Ho Ho

I'll put up a post with a link party on Saturday 19th, 
for everyone who wants to share news of gifts they received.


  1. hurry up santa there is fun to be had,lots of parcels waiting to be opened,ho ho ho xx

  2. Here's hoping the last parcels get delivered soon.

  3. Oh wow. How exciting... Not many sleeps now...

  4. Hope their parcels arrive soon...

  5. My parcel has arrived today! Happy!

  6. Looking forward to the 18th. Hope everyone's parcel arrives soon. Hugs....

  7. I sure hope Santa delivers those last parcels so these gals can join in the fun on Friday & Saturday!! Ho Ho Ho!!


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