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Monday, June 25, 2012

SomE ELveS haVe BeeN BusY

REMEMBER:  The first MAIL OUT is due ON 
July 1st.

That's just 1 week away.. 
Are YOU ready?

Remember to send your SACK/STOCKING/TOTE 
plus 2 small gifts this time.

More wonderful pic's of totes/ bags/ stockings/ sacks...

Is one of these beauties coming YOUR way?
PerHaPs one is...

Aren't they ALL fantastic!
And this one has even been received...
Sharon sent this wonder to Shez.

And another helpful tutorial for you... click here
to make this...


  1. great assortment of sacks... the elves have been busy!

  2. lots of beautiful sacks.bags,it is starting to get quite exciting,yipee,my stocking from Sharon is just gorgeous,thankyou Sharon.xx

  3. These sacks are totally gorgeous......
    Mine wont look anything like this, but i will make up for it in amazing pressies because I was born to shop

  4. Just got to find the Christmas wrapping paper and all set to go!

  5. Got mine.....LOVE IT!! just posted about it on my blog,thanks Cheryl yours will be in the mail after you're back from your holiday :) Barb.


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