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Monday, July 2, 2012

SomE ArriVinG

Ooohh HoW ExCitinG... some pressies are starting to arrive. Remember NOOOOO opening until December...with only limited squeezing or squishing now!

First mail out was JULY 1st of the Stocking/Sac/Tote plus 2 small gifts.

Some pic's for you to enjoy...
Wonder where this is off too?
Or these...???
Or this beauty?...

And Barb from HERE... has received her first lot of loot from Cheryl (no blog).

And another tut for you. Hope these are helping.

Hugs  CheRyLL


  1. now its getting exciting,love looking at all the stockings/sacks that are being sent.xx

  2. oh wow... it is so fun to see these... well done everyone...

  3. Lovely stocking going all over. Lovely to see

  4. how exciting.. There are so many talented people in this swap.
    I received my parcel today from Christine. I have blogged about its arrival....


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