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Sunday, October 6, 2013


I am truly overwhelmed by the very generous nature of bloggers... some being swappers (in this swap) and some non swappers too. If you read yesterdays post you would know that one of the participants was let down this year... so an amazing number... yes, MaNY MaNY bloggers... volunteered to act as an elf for Carol.
If Carol still wants to play... I know for certain that she will open a sack/stocking/tote full of gifts at Christmas time.
I think Carol is away over this long weekend... so she won't know of the very generous ladies who have left comments and emails. I'll keep you up-to-date!
Thanks ladies... you are simply AMaZinG!


  1. yipee for the blogging community,we always bond together when a fellow blogger is needing help,hip hip hooray for our wonderful friends.xx

  2. well done everyone.... so many lovely people...

  3. So pleased after her initial disappointment that Carol will be so thrilled to have so many friends to help out. I hope you feel okay now after making such a tough decision, you are such a great Swap Mum :)

  4. There are sew many gorgeous generous folk in blogland.. Hooray!!!


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