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Monday, October 28, 2013

This would make a nice gift for your partner... don't you think!
It's a FREE pattern from HERE.

And if you would like to try your hand at paper piecing this Christmas tree... click HERE.
Then you could make something very special & original with it!

Thanks Mel... for this link.

And a pic of the "gifts" all ready to go off to a partner...  ooOOoo so exciting!


  1. love that apron,oh those parcels look so pretty,someone is going to be very happy with their parcel.xx

  2. The apron is so cute but since I've got all my partner's gifts finished, I'm going to resist adding one more. And those parcels are so prettily wrapped, someone is going to have fun opening them. I need to finish wrapping my partners so I can get them in the mail to her.

  3. Cheryl, i had a lot of problems with my internet access and in the proceed my email store was wiped. I lost my swap partners details, could you please let me have them again. I have most of my goodies made now. Many thanks Pam

  4. I've made this apron before for a swap and it is so easy to make, you can even make it reversible


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