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Monday, November 4, 2013

WraPPing Up

Someone else has wrapped their gifts all ready to go off to their partner.
Wonder who will be receiving this lot of pretties...
And another wonderful parcel all ready to go...

And another clever "elf" has made this...

And another one made these...

And if you still need an idea... wouldn't this make a lovely gift?  I think so...
Click here for the free instructions.
We are now into NOVEMBER... 
so how are you all going
getting your gifts together?


  1. I've made two gifts so far and have bought the bits and pieces to make some more...

  2. I only have to wrap everything - got the paper today.

  3. I can't believe some people have already finished their parcels! I have made a good start but I've really got to get cracking.

  4. just need to wrap them all Chez and then i will have them ready to be picked up by santa,lol.xx

  5. It's such fun seeing the parcels wrapped and ready to be sent off. And oh some ladies are going to be very lucky to receive those gifts that are yet to be wrapped too. Love the felt mat with the felt appliques and the fabric on that "tree" mat. Yes, lucky, lucky ladies indeed.

  6. After the loss of my mum about two weeks agoI do enjoy having a look at this blogg. I had finished three parcel andf I#ll do the next i a hurry so that my partner will get it in time.
    Love to all of you

  7. Clever ladies having their gifts all wrapped up....
    I am putting my main gift together now and then can wrap them all.

  8. Wrapped all mine today (just wish it was time to post them; so excited). I can't wait for my partner to receive them and hope she won't "prod" too much!!


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