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Monday, December 15, 2014

It's TiMe

to put you all out of your
OPeNinG DaY is

A.M.... on THURSDAY 18th...  here in Australia & NZ.
P.M...  on WEDNESDAY 17th ...  for all other time zones.

That should mean we all get to enjoy opening our gifts together... WooHoo

Can you wait 3 more sleeps ???

I've allowed extra days for outstanding parcels to arrive.
I sincerely hope that everyone who chooses to open them on this date, has a parcel to open. 
Santa will be very upset if a package hasn't arrived by then. 
After all, they were supposed to be mailed on or before Nov 25th... & we've all known the mailing date for 6 months!


  1. Fingers are crossed for a delivery Santa Chez,oh I hope it's already making its way over.xx

  2. Yay! For opening day, I sure hope Santa makes it to all of those still waiting before then!

  3. I posted mine to NZ last week, so it should arrive by opening day, finger's crossed and I've received mine.

  4. Will anyone be upset if I wait until Christmas Day. I know I should open them this Thursday but in our house we save all presents until Christmas morning.

  5. I am hoping that all the parcels arrive in time. So disappointing g if they do not :(. I'm saving mine fir xmas day. Huge thank you again for organising this swap. Hugs xxx

  6. I'm with you Mel. I usually don't get many presents so I will be keeping mine until XMAS day..

  7. Oh yeh only two more sleeps now.....
    Best I put up the tree tomorrow sew I can pop the gifts under it.....

  8. Only a few more hours to wait....think the tape is lifting.

    Should l just fix it a bit. LoL.

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