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Saturday, December 6, 2014


is fast approaching
If you'd rather open your gifts on Christmas Day... feel free to wait.
And if you & your partner have organised to open them earlier or together that's OK too... but may I ask that you do not blog about it UNTIL opening day. I don't think I could hold the others back once they see what pretties you
Santa is allowing a little squeezing & squishing ONLY until then... HoHoHo

The number of ...RECD... appearing on the sidebar is increasing daily... WOoHoO

Other parcels are being rushed to some doors I'm sure!


  1. I'm leaving mine until Christmas Day. Tree going up today with the help of some little elves ;-)

  2. I'll try to hang out til XMAS day..... It will really feel like xmas then

  3. I am going to wait until Christmas I wont, yes I am, or not....I will TRY to wait until Christmas day....

  4. Xmas day is opening day for me. Except for the bag.

  5. I heard from Kaye D today that she has received my parcel.


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