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Friday, July 17, 2015

UK swapper wanted

Unfortunately one member had to withdraw from this swap due to unforeseen circumstances...
So I am looking for anyone in the UK who would like to join in and swap with a very lovely lady?
The help I need is....
For you to please advertise on your blog for another lady... The more people getting the message out there the better chance of me finding another partner... So your help is very much appreciated.
Fingers crossed that a blogger or non blogger will read this plea...


  1. I'm happy to do a second swap on top of mine if no one else comes forward. I will just add an edit to my latest post just in case I can drum up support from elsewhere x

  2. I'm UK based and missed the swap deadline - could I be included?

  3. if you don't fill the place I would be happy to join in x

  4. I have done the swap the past 2 years but was missing from blogworld when announced so I'd be more than happy to step in. xxx


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