The Santa Sack Swap will run for 6 months from June until December each year. If you want to join in please stop by here again OR visit Gone' Stitchin' at on JUNE 1st each year to sign up. It's a lot of FuN.. so why not sign up, make a new friend and have a sack full of goodies to open in December. How much FuN would ThAt be!

Monday, May 21, 2012

ParTNerS MaTcHeD

Good Morning ELveS...
By now you all should have received emails with your partners details.... so now we can PLaY!
If you haven't received yours...please check your SPAM box, or contact me asap.
If you have received your partner... then say HeLLo and get to know her. After all, you'll be friends for 6 months!

Please click on YOUR name on the sidebar too... to verify that all is working OK !

I'll try to add links for "free" gift ideas and patterns for you. Some links I'll "borrow" from other blogs and some patterns will be available in books and mags.
This may help you from time to time.
This first one was shown on Melody's blog ... (thanks Mel) and if you come across anything you think looks great, please let me know. I'll publish it here for everyone to use!

Go HERE for the free tutorial.

Also please remember to take pic's of your santa sack/ stocking/ bag once it's finished... so it can be published on this blog too.
Lets share the JoY!
If you want pic's shown of YOUR gifts to your partner but don't want her to know... that's great...  I'll Santa will show it for you... anonymously !... Ssshhhh !

Cheryll xx


  1. Thanks, Cheryll. My partner, Dara, and I have met via email and have started "snooping." Let the fun begin.

  2. Well I guess I missed out for this year, I tried to email you but it came back undeliverable to the email address, it was the email address on your profile. I hope you all have a fun swap.
    Cleary K.

    1. Please try again... I have you IN this swap!

    2. Okay I figured out that I left out the r in your email resending now. Thank you. :-)

  3. HO HO HO how much fun is this going to be,Sharon and i have already got the ball rolling,we have given each other our xmas list so now the fun begins,yipee.xx

  4. Awesome idea Cheryll, I will definately keep an eye out for your ideas/tutorials :oD Lauren and I have contacted each other and checked out each others blogs so all is well there.
    Happy Christmas crafting everyone, let the fun begin xoxo

  5. Lisa and I have have contacted each other a couple of times now and given each other ideas.

  6. ive emailed karen no reply yet .hopefully soon.great idea !

  7. I'm just going to e-mail Pauline. Lots of ideas just need to find out a bit more info... :)

  8. Yippee! Leanne has snuck in an email, I snuck one back, and we have even said Hi! Love the idea of slipping in some pics here, wasn't real sure how I could keep all that stuff a secret for months without bursting.

  9. Donna and I have exchanged emails. I haven't stopped thinking about this since I decided to join. I have been snooping last years sacks. The bar has been set pretty high.
    Anne B aka

  10. I have just sent an email off to Lyn


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